To retain the fragrance of spring, an Aromatherapy Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier  is enough!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-30      Origin: Site

Spring has quietly come to us, while the temperature is warming up, the dry air also brings all kinds of troubles to people. How to spend this spring unharmed? This issue of] brings you a snail air aromatherapy humidifier, and enjoy the spring dampness it brings to you~

In the busy city life, have you ever thought of enjoying a quiet night alone and immersing yourself in the comfort of spring?

However, you who are running around for life can only give yourself spiritual comfort at night, lying lazily on the bed in the bedroom, saying goodnight to yourself before going to bed, so that your whole body can return to peace

Create an excellent sleep scene for yourself, such as using aromatherapy to help sleep, soft and warm lighting, curling moisture, a gentle fragrance that accompanies you to sleep, let yourself fall asleep in a beautiful and comfortable environment, and enjoy Peaceful and exquisite sleep experience all night.

To enjoy the "wetness" in spring, this minimalist humidifier is indispensable!

The ELEGE air aroma humidifier, with a unique minimalist design, inadvertently exudes its unique charm. To

The white jade glass shell design makes the light softer and mysterious, and the water mist revealed is very delicate. Add a few drops of essential oil to the aroma diffuser to fill the entire room with a faint scent, as if you are in a world of flowers. The scent that curls and diffuses makes it even more fascinating...

Of course, you can put it on the bedside table and use it as a night light. It will emit that warm light, and it makes people want to sleep. There are four lighting modes: full bright, semi bright, breathing light, and dark, which can be switched at will according to your needs. It can help you illuminate the road ahead when you wake up at night, and you can use a gentle light to protect you all night.

It is an aroma diffuser and a humidifier.

15-20ml/h mist output can effectively improve the air humidity and make the air warm and fresh. The automatic power-off function without water is designed to be very friendly, even if it is carelessly forgotten to turn off. You can also set the 1h, 2h, 3h time switch mode, no need to operate multiple times, so your exquisite life is so simple~

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