Is it necessary to buy electronic toothbrush?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-15      Origin: Site

Is it necessary to buy electric toothbrush? Electric toothbrush can be said to be a very popular single product at present. Although many consumers are interested in electric toothbrush, it is necessary to outlaw the original low-cost brushing method at a higher price. Is it worth it?

At present, many people have oral problems. In the daily process of brushing teeth, the frequency of using ordinary toothbrush is slow and the time of brushing teeth is short. Therefore, many food residues, oral bacteria and dental stains stuck in the teeth can not be completely cleaned. Oral health has become a problem that can not be ignored, and the use of electric toothbrush can effectively change this situation, which is also the reason At present, it can be the cause of red. Here's how Roman electric toothbrush conquers consumers:

Better cleaning ability

The cleaning ability of electric toothbrush is very strong. Take the popular Roman sonic electric toothbrush in the market as an example, it uses magnetic levitation acoustic wave to deeply clean teeth, with vibration frequency up to 48000 times / min, 240 times higher than manual brushing. The super flow cleaning force can thoroughly clean teeth, strongly remove stubborn tooth stains, repel dental plaque from the root, and improve the cleaning effect Experiments show that it can effectively remove up to 90% of the teeth stains and 99% of the food residues, and keep your mouth clean all the time!

More convenient use experience

The convenient use experience of electric toothbrush is the reason for conquering many users. Manual brushing is very troublesome, so many people can't brush their teeth for the required time. The acoustic vibration of the electric toothbrush can be automatically cleaned by using the magnetic suspension motor in the body as the power source, which can ensure the brushing effect and also give consideration to the convenience. Moreover, Roman's electric toothbrush has the setting of brushing time, which can ensure that users can achieve scientific brushing time.

More detailed care experience

The cost of toothbrush is not good enough to cause bleeding, and the quality of toothbrush is not good enough. Electric toothbrush in the selection of bristles is very important, such as Roman's electric toothbrush is imported from the United States DuPont super soft bristles, can gently care for fragile gums. And many people tend to brush their teeth with too much force, which is also easy to damage the gums. The electric toothbrush equipped with a variety of tooth cleaning modes can effectively avoid this problem and bring detailed care experience to everyone.

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