Is an electric toothbrush better than a traditional toothbrush? People who have used it even say so

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-15      Origin: Site

Technology improves people’s living habits and improves people’s living standards. Nowadays, everyone has higher requirements for teeth cleaning, especially young men and women. Before going out, they have to pay attention to their overall image and full of yellow teeth. How to talk about life ideals with friends? Poetry and the distance?

There are many electric toothbrushes on the market. The price is much higher than that of ordinary toothbrushes. Some people don't know the difference between electric toothbrushes and ordinary toothbrushes. Do you have to change electric toothbrushes? People who have used electric teeth say so.

1. Cleaner than ordinary toothbrushes

Many people think of electric toothbrushes only after they have problems with their teeth, such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, tartar, etc. The major cause of these problems is incomplete cleaning, because when ordinary manual toothbrushes brush their teeth Often it can only stay on the surface of the teeth, and cannot thoroughly clean the area between the teeth and the roots. Long-term accumulation may cause dental problems.

2. Brushing force and angle can be better controlled

We brush our teeth every day, but most people do not master the correct brushing posture, and it is difficult to control the strength and angle of brushing. It often causes damage to the teeth and gums. Unlike electric toothbrushes, it can be continuously and continuously. Clean teeth at a stable frequency, and many electric toothbrushes can also adjust the intensity of brushing, making brushing safer and more scientific.

When you brush your teeth with a manual toothbrush with sleepy eyes, is it a feeling of being extremely helpless while still in a dream? When you use an electric toothbrush, you never want to go back to the "manual toothbrush" era. In addition, some smart toothbrushes can also set the brushing time, instead of controlling the brushing time each time by feeling, it is more helpful to develop good brushing habits.

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