How to use electronic toothbrush?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-15      Origin: Site

With the continuous attention to oral health, many people began to buy and try to use electric toothbrush, but because of the first contact, many people are not clear about the correct operation of electric toothbrush, how to use electric toothbrush?

1. First of all, it is necessary to correctly install the brush head of the electric toothbrush. When installing the brush head, it is necessary to make sure that the brush head is tightly inserted into the toothbrush shaft to avoid the looseness of the handle of the brush head.

2. Before using the electric toothbrush, pay attention to use warm water to soak the brush head, which is used to adjust the softness of the brush hair. If you directly use cold water to open the brush, the brush hair is hard and the vibration frequency can't adapt, so there is gum bleeding. Roman electric toothbrush uses imported DuPont soft hair, which can effectively protect your sensitive gums!

3. Squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste into the electric toothbrush, apply the toothpaste evenly on the teeth, and then start the toothbrush, but pay attention to put the brush head into the mouth first, and then start the toothbrush, so as to avoid toothpaste splashing.

4. When brushing teeth, the bristles and gums are at a 45 ° angle. Follow the improvement of Roman electric toothbrush to clean the four areas of the mouth in turn. Brush about 30 seconds in each area, and all teeth can be cleaned in two minutes.

5. After brushing teeth, put the brush head into the water, turn on the electric switch and shake it in the water for a few times to remove the foreign matters and toothpaste left on the bristles and ensure that the electric toothbrush is washed clean. Pay attention to the power of toothbrush after use, and pay attention to timely charging when the power is too low.

The above is the use of electric toothbrush, Roman sound wave electric toothbrush is very simple to use, to achieve professional whitening and cleaning care, at the same time, it can also bring more convenient and comfortable brushing experience, with Roman tooth washer, it can take more comprehensive care of oral health!

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