How about using electronic toothbrush for a long time?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-15      Origin: Site

Electric toothbrush with better cleaning ability and ease of use, become a very hot product, but there will be some consumers worried about long-term use of electric toothbrush caused by serious tooth wear, then long-term use of electric toothbrush is not good?

Because many people don't pay much attention to toothbrushing, they don't use the correct method in the process of toothbrushing, and the time of toothbrushing can't meet the requirements, which leads to the failure of effective cleaning of teeth and oral cavity, thus causing a variety of oral health problems, and the electric toothbrush is also widely concerned in this environment. However, some users do not have a deep understanding of the electric toothbrush, and are prone to make some mistakes. In fact, long-term use of the electric toothbrush has no effect.

For the problem of tooth wear caused by electric toothbrush, this phenomenon mainly appears in the traditional mechanical rotary electric toothbrush. This kind of electric toothbrush is driven by the motor to drive the rotary shaft to drive the brush head to move in a circle, so as to achieve high-speed friction with the tooth surface. In this way, the tooth surface is clean, but the gap cleaning is weak, and the long-term use of the electric toothbrush has great impact on tooth wear At present, it has been replaced by the new acoustic electric toothbrush.

The electric toothbrush is a completely different way of cleaning. It is through the high-frequency vibration of the magnetic suspension core built inside the body, which causes the toothbrush to break up the toothpaste into fine foam, and cause the strong flow and cleaning power of the flow through the vibration, and thoroughly clean the teeth thoroughly. This cleaning method will not cause tooth wear, and it can thoroughly clean the teeth thoroughly and effectively crush them. Dental calculus, dental plaque, remove stubborn tooth stains.

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