How about children's electronic toothbrush? Is it a gimmick or a real utility?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-15      Origin: Site

How about children's electric toothbrush? Many children are not interested in brushing their teeth, which leads to more and more serious dental caries. In the face of such a blue ocean market, many manufacturers have launched children's electric toothbrush, vigorously promoting its effect on improving children's oral health. Are these gimmicks or real applications?

The cleaning ability of adult electric toothbrush has been widely recognized. How can children's electric toothbrush solve this problem

Attract interest:

Most of children's electric teeth will use cute cartoon design, through the lovely cartoon image children like to attract their interest in brushing teeth. Even the children's toothbrush launched by some manufacturers also uses app for game binding to stimulate the fun of children's tooth brushing through the interactive incentive of the game.

Strength control:

Many children in the process of brushing teeth, it is difficult to control the strength of brushing teeth, children's mouth and teeth are relatively weak, too much strength not only damage the gums, causing bleeding, but also damage the teeth. Children's toothbrushes use high frequency vibration to drive the water and toothpaste in the mouth to produce a lot of delicate bubbles, so that they can wash the mouth and teeth with the flow force, so that this problem can be avoided, making the cleaning process more efficient and safe.

Cleaning capacity:

Don't say that children and even many adults don't master the correct method of brushing their teeth, such brushing often can't get good cleaning effect, while children's electric toothbrush adopts the cleaning mode of ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, which can be automatically cleaned only by putting it into the oral cavity, and the generated flowing cleaning power can go deep into the teeth to fully clean and the interior of the oral cavity for deep cleaning, even if it doesn't work Know how to brush teeth can also bring good teeth cleaning effect.

Time guarantee:

Many children don't have much patience to brush their teeth, and the brushing time often can't reach the required three minutes. Because of the faster cleaning efficiency, children's electric toothbrush can complete the cleaning of teeth and oral cavity in only two minutes, and the shortening of time can let children complete the whole brushing process.

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