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The rapid development of science and technology has profoundly changed people's daily life scenes. In the past, those seemingly unrealistic imaginations have gradually become reality. The same is true for hair removal. From razor hair removal, beeswax hair removal, to the appearance and popularity of home hair removal devices, the technological process of home hair removal scenes continues. ELEGE deeply understands the female hair removal scene, and leads the development of the home hair removal instrument industry with creativity.


   Add with creativity: ELEGE expands the technological boundary

   In recent years, with the continuous breakthrough of technical barriers, the home hair removal device market has entered a mature development stage, and the product level has been significantly improved. When some companies began to be satisfied with the status quo, the new brand of beauty care ELEGE chose to go a step further, add with creativity, actively expand the technical boundaries of home hair removal devices, and continue to promote in terms of hardware configuration, cooling technology and functional settings. The medical beauty line is getting closer.

  From the perspective of hardware configuration, ELEGE hair removal device has a qualitative leap in energy range and waveband selection, refreshing the inherent impression of low energy and low configuration of home hair removal devices. On the one hand, ELEGE adds to the accuracy and width of the energy: the first application of the 2019 new generation IBGT energy control module, the adjustable range is extended by 60%, the accuracy is increased by 10 times, the internal circuit is powerful and stable, providing a strong guarantee for safety . On the other hand, the 600~1200nm spectrum selection of ELEGE hair removal instrument is not only more powerful than 400~580nm of ordinary hair removal instrument, but also consistent with the medical beauty line and meets the US FDA safe hair removal standards.

  From the perspective of refrigeration technology, ELEGE is the first to realize the domestic creative application of medical beauty sapphire + semiconductor refrigeration technology. In 2020, it will launch a new generation of zero-degree hair removal device, which truly realizes painless freezing point hair removal. From the independent ice pack of the original product to the sapphire technology of the new hair removal device, ELEGE's efforts to expand the boundaries of refrigeration technology are obvious to all. The painless ice experience at 10°C has not only made ELEGE a recognized innovator of home hair removal devices, but also made sapphire technology a new outlet for the development of the industry.

  From the perspective of functional settings, the ELEGE hair removal device is cleverly added in the mode configuration and light intensity to flexibly meet the multiple needs of women's hair removal. Different users have different tolerance to light energy, and the same user has different hair removal requirements for different parts of the body. In this regard, ELEGE deeply analyzes the hair removal scenes. In addition to facial and body hair removal, the bikini mode is creatively designed, and each mode can provide five different light intensity options, which not only allows beginners to experience it easily from low to high, Also let sensitive muscles no longer have to worry about skin burns.


   Make subtraction with creativity: ELEGE streamlines the hair removal process

  The home hair removal device has always been defined as the "simplified version" of the medical beauty hair removal device, but for the ELEGE hair removal device, it is more appropriate to describe it as the "simplified version". ELEGE uses creativity to do subtraction, while ensuring the degree, streamline the hair removal process, allowing users to have a more free and comfortable hair removal experience.

  1, more advanced design

  Simplifying the complex is an important source of modernity and high-level sense. In terms of button design, the ELEGE hair removal device combines the buttons and the display into one. From startup, shutdown to gear adjustment, it can be completed intelligently with one button, freeing users from the complicated operation of ordinary household hair removal devices with multiple buttons. ; In the design of the body, ELEGE concentrates the essence of technology, which reduces the size and weight of the body without affecting the hair removal effect. It is controlled by one hand and slips easily, creating a comfortable experience with simplicity.

  2, a more convenient process

  ELEGE's new generation of zero-degree hair removal device adopts a subtraction strategy in the hair removal process, and further takes advantage of the convenience of the home hair removal device. Before hair removal, there is no need to apply gel, which saves time and is more friendly to users with allergies; during hair removal, the ELEGE Zero Hair Removal Apparatus uses ice to achieve simultaneous hair removal and skin care. Compared with skin care, it is faster.

   Balance with creativity: ELEGE takes into account multiple needs

   With the transformation and upgrading of women's consumption concepts, the home hair removal device, as a new beauty care product, represents not only a simple consumption, but also a life attitude and personal taste. ELEGE Hair Removal Apparatus directly addresses the inner needs of women's consumption, seeks a balance with creativity, finds a balance between taste and price, fashion and personality, and captures the hearts of consumers.

   1. The balance of taste and price

   After in-depth market research, ELEGE found that the mainstream consumer groups of home hair removal devices are becoming younger and younger, and the post-95s generation has gradually become the main force in the market. For the student party and young office workers, the high prices of many hair removal devices are undoubtedly prohibitive. Out of economic considerations, ELEGE hair removal device is priced attentively while ensuring taste. On the one hand, it has become a vehicle for consumers to express confidence with its outstanding brand image and product quality. On the other hand, it also makes it easier for more young women to afford it. No financial troubles.

   2. Balance between fashion and individuality

   With the development of "fast food" in mainstream fashion, more and more women are keeping up with the trend while remaining rational and insisting on individuality. ELEGE sees the rebellious, unruly, and international style of modern young people. On the basis of modern fashion aesthetics, ELEGE injects personalized charm into the hair removal device products. From the function to the appearance, you can find original highlights. Find a balance between personalities.

   Driven by technological empowerment and creativity, ELEGE hair removal devices continue to expand the technical boundaries, streamline the hair removal process, take into account multiple needs, further optimize the home hair removal scene, impress people with intimate service and lasting companionship, and lead new ideas for the development of the industry

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