Aromatherapy humidifier, let the bedroom overflow with the smell of flowers

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-01      Origin: Site

The original design style of ELEGE aromatherapy humidifier allows you to breathe in and enjoy the natural fragrance. Not only can it be a humidifier but also aromatherapy, allowing you to enjoy multiple functions in one machine. The elegant and simple shape will make you love it.


Enjoy a beautiful night, aromatherapy partner. Feel the difference of aromatherapy experience, warm night light and colorful lights. Make you so comfortable every night, drop a few drops of different essential oils, and feel the aroma of different flavors. Tea tree essential oil has the effect of calming, eliminating inflammation and killing bacteria, lavender has the effect of calming, calming, and helping sleep, and rose oil has the effect of refreshing, soothing and romantic atmosphere. Each essential oil drips into the humidifier, and sprays out with the atomization of the humidifier, making the whole room filled with floral fragranc

I want to change my mood to accompany you every day, and I can change seven identities to accompany you a week. Quiet night, no need to tell, naturally understand you. ELEGE aromatherapy humidifier solves your troubles in one step.


Leave a waiting light for the family, a warm light, the light is soft and not dazzling. Reading and writing are good at night, and breastfeeding late at night is also very convenient.


The ELEGE aromatherapy humidifier uses ultrasonic fine atomization, and the particulate water molecules nourish, moisturize, and protect the humid air. The fog is large and dense and fine, and it will not wet the tabletop, not only can make the room comfortable and refreshing, but also can fill the skin with water.


ELEGE aromatherapy humidifier is safe and fully protected, with automatic power-off protection for water shortage, allowing you to enjoy peace and comfort anytime, anywhere without worrying about water shortage. The simple, elegant and cute aroma humidifier is made of very safe materials. It is made of edible PP material, which is healthy and environmentally friendly.

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